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Recyclable and home-compostable kraft food boxes feature Notpla Coating, made from naturally renewable and abundant seaweed

Adding to its sustainable foodservice packaging ranges, Tri-Star Packaging has introduced new kraft food boxes lined with Notpla Coating, an innovative special lining made from seaweed, which replaces the plastic coating usually used on foodservice products.

Notpla Coating does not require specific recycling pathways or specialised industrial composting equipment to degrade. It takes less than six weeks to completely decompose in a home composting environment.

“For many years, our mission has been to seek out, test and introduce a wider variety of more sustainable packaging,” says Tri-Star Packaging Sales Director Lee Richards. “We are excited to announce the introduction of these new recyclable and home-compostable kraft food boxes, which feature Notpla Coating, made from naturally renewable and abundant seaweed.

“The boxes are manufactured in the UK, from sustainable sources which include up to 25% grass. Adding to their sustainable credentials, they also make a significant contribution to carbon footprint reduction, saving over 250kg of carbon-dioxide and 3,000 litres of water per tonne of carton board, when compared to conventional fibre alternatives.”

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Renewable, recyclable and compostable

The Notpla coating is made from one of nature’s most renewable resources, brown seaweed, which grows up to 1 metre per day. Seaweed doesn’t compete with food crops, and doesn’t need fresh water or fertilizer.

Fully recyclable, Notpla coated kraft food boxes are grease and heat-resistant, stackable, and easy to use. The design features webbed corners so the boxes are also leak resistant. Ideal for a range of foods from burgers to loaded fries or dry curries, Notpla boxes are available in two sizes – 738ml (26oz) and 1307ml (46oz).

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Administrator on 13 August 2021 10:00 AM