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Retail environments are increasingly becoming go-to destinations and a food and beverage offering is an important part of the shopping experience. Whether it’s a take-away coffee picked up while you browse the isles or a quick bite to eat from the in-store café, consumers like to eat where they shop and increasingly want what they purchase to be sustainable.

According to Boston Consulting Group, the COVID-19 crisis has caused people to pay more attention to urgent environmental issues such as climate change, which in turn has led consumers to become more aware about where they choose to eat. It is therefore important for retailers with food offerings such as Cafes, Delis or even Farm Shops to start implementing sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to keep up with the latest government legislation.

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Tri-Star Packaging have put together ways to improve your Cafés sustainability roadmap by focusing on eco-friendly packaging & reducing food waste.

Invest in Sustainable Food & Drink Packaging

Choosing the right food packaging is an important step on the pathway for continual environmental improvement. By choosing a cohesive range of responsibly sourced and easily identifiable food & drink packaging, more waste will be properly composted or recycled at the end of its life. Tri-Star Packaging stocks one of the industry’s widest ranges of sustainable foodservice packaging products, including some recent new additions…

- The innovative 100% compostable BePulp range combines sustainable design with exceptional performance and is made from bagasse – a material that comes from natural fibres, which are both abundant and renewable.- Meanwhile, the new microwavable and fully recyclable Infinity range represents the next generation of sustainable packaging and is made from EPP (expanded polypropylene).- Tri-Star Packaging is also introducing a new range of home-compostable products, including the UK-manufactured EdenPak® range. Home-composting is an extremely positive next-step in the lifecycle of sustainable packaging, by shifting the reliance away from commercial composting streams for businesses, but by also allowing consumers to compost their packaging waste.

Try Small-Batch Printed Packaging

Printed packaging is an effective way to promote instore messaging for things such as offers and membership cards. Tri-Star Packaging’s digitally printed bags are available in short production runs, low setup cost and can be printed with multiple designs which allows for less waste when doing profit boosting seasonal promotions.

Waste Reduction In Your Café

The main reasons for food waste are, according to WRAP: preparation (45%), customer leftovers (34%), and spoilage (21%). The impact of each of these factors can be reduced through monitoring and learning about where your business is losing food.

The good news is that minimising your waste can be done in various ways. A great way to tackle spoilage is to carefully manage the food stock you have on display. Rotating or ‘facing up’ your stock based on expiry dates is a great start; but limiting the amount of stock you put front-of-house can help to prevent customers from choosing the fresher product at the back of the display and allows you to work through your stock dates correctly.

If your main issue is customer leftovers, then perhaps some customer research into portion sizes could help your business waste problems. A simple feedback card next to the payment till, or handed out with the bill is a simple and effective way to routinely check your customers are receiving the correct portions (as well as getting advice on other areas of your business!)

Natasha’s Law & Allergen Labelling

“Caterers need to ensure they are properly prepared for the full implementation of Natasha’s Law in October,” says Mike Clough. Correct allergen labelling is vitally important for customer wellbeing and as the foodservice industry prepares for change, Gen-Label offers a next generation food labelling solution and give full compliance with Natasha’s Law.

Gen-Label makes complying with Natasha’s Law simple and straightforward. The online software solution allows food outlets to build and maintain lists of ingredients including specific allergens and then simply print them off onto pre-formatted blank labels using a standard PC and laser-jet printer.

Whether you require bespoke labels supported by a full in-house design service or the convenience of simply using a wide range of off-the-shelf options, Gen-Label is a great service to guide you through the upcoming changes in the law.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Tri-Star are not just experts in sustainable packaging, we are experts in sustainable cleaning as well. Our Cleanline Eco range consists of bio-degradable, environmentally friendly ingredients and is complaint to current legislations including REACH.

With a heightened focus on cleanliness and hygiene, we also supply a whole range of products that a retailer needs to operate safely and efficiently. Our Essentials Range now includes: personal protection equipment (PPE); convenient and flexible janitorial solutions; cleaning chemicals; paper hygiene products; and cloths and wipes.

“With a focus on reducing the use of single-use plastics, Tri-Star Packaging offers many compostable and recyclable alternatives made from renewable resources,” concludes Mike Clough.


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