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Tri-Star Packaging have introduced a new 98% recycled industrial foil to its growing product range to help chefs and operators reach their sustainability targets.

This high quality recycled industrial aluminium foil from Wrapmaster is perfect for the demands of any professional kitchen. Its versatility means it’s suitable for lining, grilling and roasting because it has the same product properties as conventional foil, with no loss of quality or performance.

In a move towards sustainable kitchen practices, reusable, recyclable products have become more important than ever. If you are thinking about transforming your kitchen into a more eco-conscious operation then this product is a quick and easy way to begin that changeover.

Wrapmaster are aiming for all its products to be 100% circular by 2025. This means that they will only use recycled or renewable materials in the production process. Using a recycled foil is an important step towards sustainable kitchen practice, whilst also giving operators, long term cost-effective solutions.

The new foil is made from a 95% less energy-intensive production process compared to conventional foil. With just 5% of the energy needed, the launch makes the use of foil in professional kitchens significantly more eco-friendly. Strong and durable, the new industrial foil is 100% recyclable and can be recycled.

Wrapmaster recycled industrial foil refills are available now, for use in the Wrapmaster 4500 and Duo dispensers.

To find out more visit www.wrapmaster.global



Administrator on 15 October 2021 10:00 AM

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