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Check out our top 5 eco-friendly packaging finds!

1. Faca Packaging takes focus on cosmetics refill market


Spanish cosmetics specialist Faca Packaging is promoting its refillable jar as demand for eco-friendly packaging soars.

This year the company launched the T22R version refill jar, featuring a refillable goblet, as well as the option to manufacture it in recyclable and recycled materials.

“At present, we find ourselves in a situation in which new markets demand a change concerning eco-friendly packaging solutions.,” said a company statement.

2. Kellogg’s shrinks cereal boxes to cut packaging


Kellogg’s has launched a new smaller cereal box with less air space and packaging, as part of a new eco-friendly approach.

The cereal and snacks giant said its technical experts have worked out a way to shrink some of its cereal boxes while protecting the contents.

As a result of using these smaller boxes, Kellogg’s cardboard and plastic use will be cut by 191 tonnes which will contribute to a greener production cycle therefore making it more eco-friendly.

3. 10-year-old spurs Waitrose into plastic toy action


Waitrose is stepping up its efforts to reduce single-use plastic and make the environment more eco-friendly by no longer selling children’s magazines containing disposable toys.

The retailer was inspired to act after hearing about the campaign by a 10-year-old girl from Gwynedd, who has launched her own campaign to persuade publishers to end the practice.

Many children’s magazines now contain free plastic toys which have a very short lifespan, cannot be easily recycled and aren’t eco-friendly. The move will not include educational or reusable craft items, such as colouring pencils and pens or collectable models which are intended to be used multiple times.

4. Kite launches 100% biodegradable and recyclable bottle sleeve


Kite Packaging has utilised its team of in-house experts to source what it describes as ‘the sustainable future of bottle packaging’.

Flexi-Hex sleeves are produced from 85% recycled paper and can be easily recycled after use. The pinch top box ensures a completely plastic-free design by eliminating the need for tape while providing a safe and secure fastening. Used in conjunction, these products provide excellent protection while ensuring it’s eco-friendly for the environment.

5. Co-op bans bags-for-life and calls for unified approach


Co-op is to remove plastic bags for life from sale in all 2,600 stores, warning that the low-cost, reusable bag has become the new single-use carrier.

The announcement comes as it publishes a new report ‘Bag to Rights’ which sets out new policy recommendations for Government.

As part of this move, and ahead of the new carrier bag levy increase coming in to place, the convenience retailer will also roll out compostable carriers to all stores to ensure that customers are able to purchase a low-cost, low impact eco-friendly bags.


Administrator on 25 May 2021 12:37 AM