Gourmet 24.7 – Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Tri-Star Packaging, one of the UK’s leading food-to-go packaging suppliers, has pushed the boundaries of foodservice packaging with a revolutionary new multi-functional design.



Gourmet 24.7 is a unique and ground-breaking product that, in an industry-first, enables discerning chefs to pack multiple takeaway dishes, both wet and dry, hot and cold, into a single container without the different foods mixing. For example, rice and curry, pasta and a sauce with salad plus many other combinations of popular dishes and their accompaniments.

Food-to-go is now a significant growth trend across the foodservice market with operators beyond the traditional grab-and-go and fast food sectors looking to launch takeaway concepts. A new sector of the market is emerging – the gourmet takeaway – and it requires innovative and creative packaging solutions to deliver a different style of food, preserving the freshness and quality of dishes to ensure the takeaway dining experience for the discerning consumer is as enjoyable as eating-in.

Gourmet 24.7 has an easy to use push and click system. Seven different combinations are possible from four interchangeable components: two primary board base cartons – one large and one small – a thermoformed container and a lid.

The lid will push fit into each of the other components for a simple product combination which doubles as a sharing plate, making it great for parties. More complex combinations are possible as the thermoformed container will push fit snugly into either of the primary board base cartons. The push fit system is not only easy to assemble but ensures a tight seal is achieved to prevent against any leakage.

Tri-Star Packaging is a proven innovator in foodservice packaging. The company developed Gourmet 24.7 in response to a request from a premium restaurant chain, seeking to uphold its chic image when launching a takeaway service. The ability to custom print enables restaurants to maintain their brand values and key messaging across the packaging. The customised design can also include sleeves, to highlight food ingredients and menus.



Each component part of Gourmet 24.7 is microwaveable, so the system provides a complete delivery-to-table solution; no need to decant food into another container, which saves time and retains the visual presentation. 

“Packaging is becoming more complex to meet changing trends in catering and an increasingly discerning consumer,” says Kevin Curran, Managing Director, Tri-Star Packaging. “It is important that packaging companies offer this kind of consultative service to customers, which gives them the tools they need to drive business growth by developing new channels and ultimately improving their profit.

“With the burgeoning demand in home delivery, Gourmet 24.7 presents the perfect solution to enable all operators to get their product to the consumer in peak condition, enhancing repeat sales and improving brand satisfaction.”