They think it’s all oval – it is now!

Tri-Star Packaging has developed a unique new eco-friendly oval bowl for hot and cold food that’s better for the environment and much easier to hold while eating than the usual round and square containers.

Tri-Star’s new Oval Eco Street Bowl
Tri-Star’s new Oval Eco Street Bowl

Made from unbleached bagasse – a fully compostable sugar cane pulp that grows abundantly – the innovative Oval Eco Street Bowl is ideal for street food traders and caterers serving food-to-go options such as curries, noodles, pasta, burritos and salads. Available in two sizes – 620ml and 770ml – the bowl fits snugly into a standard-sized paper takeaway bag for easy transportation by the customer.

The Oval Eco Street Bowl features an optional ultra-clear rPET lid made from recycled and recyclable materials, which provides superb visibility and presentation and can be embossed with a logo to enhance branding. The lid clips on securely to keep food well preserved and eliminate leakage while ensuring there is no flavour transfer between products stored in close proximity.

Offering excellent stackability, the Oval Eco Street Bowl is microwave and oven safe, without the lid, so food can be heated directly inside. It is also freezer-safe and resistant to oil and water up to 120°C.

Kevin Curran, Managing Director of Tri-Star, said: “Our new Oval Eco Street Bowl addresses the simple ergonomics of eating. Our hands weren’t designed for eating on the go out of round and square bowls, but an oval bowl is the perfect shape. It fits comfortably and feels more secure, enhancing the all-round eating experience for the customer and adds a real point of difference for food-to-go businesses. Additionally, this new bowl can be served and enjoyed without a guilty conscience because it is made from natural renewable resources and boasts the very highest sustainability credentials.”