Tri-Pot’s “curves” give food-to-go the wow factor

Tri-Star Packaging has introduced an exclusive new range of trendy deli pots for salads, desserts and snacks that will help food-to-go retailers add more ‘zing’ to their takeaway offer.

The Tri-Pot™ is stylish, sturdy and versatile, and perfect for products such as pasta salads, couscous, olives, yoghurt & granola, Bircher muesli and chopped fruit. It offers superb presentation on-shelf and excellent levels of clarity, making it ideal for encouraging impulse purchases. The Tri-Pot™ has pleasing soft curves that fit perfectly in the hand, ensuring it will be a hit with customers every time.

Tri-Pots Family Sweet
Tri-Star’s award-winning new Tri-Pot™ range

Available exclusively from Tri-Star, the Tri-Pot™ comes in three sizes – small (170cc), medium (300cc) and large (440cc) – with separate one-size lids and inserts. It is stackable, has plenty of room for labelling and branding, and makes portion control easy. Tri-Pot™ is not just stylish and practical – it is environmentally-friendly too. It is made in Britain from premium UK-sourced crystal-clear rPET that is both recycled and recyclable, resulting in a low carbon footprint.

Tri-Pots - Trio Sweet
Tri-Star’s award-winning new Tri-Pot™ range

Kevin Curran, Managing Director of Tri-Star, said: “Our new Tri-Pots™ are an absolute delight both aesthetically and in terms of the benefits they offer food-to-go businesses. The clearest and most attractive deli pots on the market, they enable retail operators of all sizes to enjoy the very latest designs, helping them to compete on the high street. Customers will love these pots, which will help boost levels of loyalty and repeat purchases, making a huge difference to sales and profits.”